Getting Your Documents Legally Notarized, Made Easy

Getting Your Documents Legally Notarized, Made Easy

Fastline notarizes all your important documents quickly and cost-effectively without the hassle. If you

are looking for a notary public in San Mateo, Daly City, Berkeley, or San Fransisco, we are here for you.



Simple. Fast. Accessible

Getting your paperwork done can be time-consuming, and so is finding a good notary public service

provider who ensures your documents are attested compliantly. At Fastline Notary, we get the job done

right and make the process straightforward for you.

Moreover, we not only provide quick and effective notary services but also help you make the necessary

copies and ship them wherever they need to go.


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With stores in Daly City, San Mateo, Berkeley, and San Francisco, we try to meet you where you are and

get your work done as fast as possible so that you can focus more on what matters. We notarize many

types of documents, including:

 Contracts

 Affidavits

 Wills

 Trusts

 Deeds

 Power Of Attorney

 Declarations

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Why do you need to get your documents notarized?

Notarizing your documents helps to verify that you are the one signing the document. A “notary public”

acts as a witness to attest to the proper execution of your important documents, discouraging fraud.


Your Document Notarization Checklist

To notarize your documents, you will need a valid proof of identification which the notary will review at

the time of notarization to verify your identity. The following forms of identification are acceptable.

 Valid U.S. passport

 State issued ID


 State-issued driver’s license

 U.S. Military ID

 Original copy of your birth certificate

 Green Card (Resident Alien ID)


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